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Over the last 8 years I’ve tried out a lot of different setups. I’ve always loved Emacs, and for many years my setup was very basic: Linux/FreeBSD desktop,FluxboxXterm, Emacs and Firefox - simple and powerful, and I loved it but I want more. I want my environment to be a bit smarter and not just provide me with some (very, very nice) shortcuts for navigating my code. About 5 years ago I started thinking there might be better tools/IDEs than Emacs. So I started my quest..

I realize this topic may start an epic flamewar, and I tend to give a bit too negative comments on some things, but that’s just me. Please keep in min that I’m open for everything. Vi/Vim/Emacs? No problem. Eclipse? Maybe. NetBeans, maybe… but do they live up to my requirements?

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Starting up a blog..

Uhm.. Hi I guess? :P

Over the last few years I’ve been thinking about starting a blog. I’ve tried several times. The first three times failed, because I insisted on reinventing the wheel and write my own blog from scratch. Last time I actually installed Wordpress, found a theme, but got stuck on finding a decent  syntaxhighligh plugin, so I basically got stuck there.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Brian Madsen started his own blog, and well.. I got jealous. I wanted a blog too!

Over the next months I’ll be posting some (hopefully) interesting posts about everything from Doctrine, Zend Framework, Git, NoSQL and much more. I’ll also use this place to vent some of my fustrations with the world.. Stay tuned!

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