Over the last 8 years I’ve tried out a lot of different setups. I’ve always loved Emacs, and for many years my setup was very basic: Linux/FreeBSD desktop,FluxboxXterm, Emacs and Firefox - simple and powerful, and I loved it but I want more. I want my environment to be a bit smarter and not just provide me with some (very, very nice) shortcuts for navigating my code. About 5 years ago I started thinking there might be better tools/IDEs than Emacs. So I started my quest..

I realize this topic may start an epic flamewar, and I tend to give a bit too negative comments on some things, but that’s just me. Please keep in min that I’m open for everything. Vi/Vim/Emacs? No problem. Eclipse? Maybe. NetBeans, maybe… but do they live up to my requirements?

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